Meet  the  Team

 Yann Vendeen and nature´s lover, dreamed of Andalusia and flamenco, Carroll, Parisienne but globetrotter dreamed to discover another country in Europe. After visiting Andalusia and have lived in Granada for 4 years, we fell in love with this valley so close to the sea, the Sierra Nevada and Granada. Musician Yann s ended up in landscaping and gardening after the big renovation, Caroll, pub stylist and paper sculptor at times, gives cardboard furniture classes in Art School of Granada and in the Molino and also kitchen´s courses for food lovers. When asked us We love to share our knowledge about the region, tips etc ....


This house was built 22 years ago by its former owner Diego who had always dreamed of having an observatory for gazing stars. He realized the roof of the tower as an hat of wood slidding over pulleys .... This was a brilliant idea , unfortunately with the weather, wood s inflated and the roof fell little by little .... When we arrived  we  asked him to make a brick dome on the tower and Yann , who helped him to build it incorporated an opening in the center. Since then a telescope stationed in the tower to watch the sky and the stars .

 In terms of isolation , Diego doubled walls for exterior and made that in summer the house is fresh by a natural way. So we had only installeted fans in every rooms and  according to our travelers , they need it very rarely .

For the winter we installed radiators that heat thanks to an ecological BioMass boiler , the combustion is done through a kernel of ground olives or by almonds bark.... very Eco.

A water softener for the entire property allows water to be much less charged with limestone .

The fireplace in the lounge provides a relaxed lifestyle when we come back from a walk or from ski… .


 We preferred and choose the white lime throughout the house , for its powdery color but also for its protective effect against bacteria.


All carpets are original and handmade by a family member .


It took 3 years tirelessly to restore this property and we are delighted to be able to share to passing travelers in Andalusia